Trump’s Popularity Soars as Border Agents Deny SXSW Musicians with Ukuleles Entry into Country


This person will not help make America great again.

Donald Trump’s divisive ban on immigration from Muslim countries has been controversial to say the least as both iterations have been struck down in court. However, one ban that no one seems to be interested in challenging anytime soon is his ban on musical acts that feature a ukulele or “tinker toy” piano.

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, defended the Shitty Band Ban Order, “America has plenty of legal disheveled ukulele playing citizens pursuing their selfish dream of exposing an unwilling nation to their barely talented brand of garbage music. They should no have to compete with these fuzzy, filthy foreigners for a small handful of opening slots for bigger, even more disheveled musicians or for¬†commercials for Hybrid and high efficiency ugly cuck cars. Anyways, the last thing we need are these four string, no talent, unkempt immigrants taking minimum wage jobs from our no talent children.”


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