Not-At-All Hypocritical MO Lawmaker Vows to Lower his Take-Home Pay to the Median Income of His District!


NOTE: This website is called This Should be the News. This article should be news, however, it is not.

Republican Missouri State Representative Dan Shaul is putting his money where his mouth is after signing a bill that would keep the minimum wage from rising in the Show Me State! He is making up for this dick move by introducing an amendment to the bill that would lock his take-home pay to that of the state income! Lowering his annual income to a measly $37,000 a year to incentivize lawmakers to make life better for everyone!

Dan The Man says that this bold new law will encourage him and his fellow lawmakers to do everything in their power to raise the wages of all the good constituents of Missouri which will naturally increase the minimum wage without a pesky law forcing employers to do so! For too long it seems that lawmakers like Dan have not served the actual people who voted for them but rather special interests and wealthy influence makers who would rather squash the working class citizens of his state for their own selfish monetary gain rather than do what he was elected to do – fight for their interests.

Dan knows that these minimum wage jobs often are filled by adults who work full time which makes them have a need to seek home and food assistance from the government and is not enough money to better themselves via secondary education, savings or re-investment. That costs his voters even more in those nasty taxes which me, he and you hate! So, Dan is giving a little of that tax money back and is going to roll up his sleeves to make Missouri a better place with higher wages by hell or high water and not by stepping on the littlest guy he can like some asshole!

Way to go, Dan!


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