Diversity Setback: The Robot That Took Your Job Crashed While Assessing Which Bathroom to Not Use


The non-binary-sexed gender neutral robot that took your job and livelihood suffered a terrible discrimination event at the job that once provided for you and your privileged cisgender family. Fortunately the social justice warriors (who are free to monitor things like this because they have no jobs anymore) of the internet were made aware of the crash as it happened, got all outraged and were able to live-stream the humiliating robotic setback to a nation who watched mouth agape.

It is estimated that The Corporation, which used to employ thousands of Americans but now only has a handful of domestic employees, an army of robots and offshore slave laborers, offended over 2 or 3 people in this embarrassing restroom event and is in full disaster mode. Looking for ways to appease all 3 of the offended parties and, more so, the hundreds of media reporters covering it.

The Corporation apologized on Twitter and promised to devote more inclusive, safe spaces for the robotic employees that now occupy their lifeless factories and build out robot bathrooms that will be totally functional for humans but won’t get used by the remaining staff because they don’t exist. They also made a commercial that showed two genderless robots holding hands while making their products which proved to be a wonderful distraction for the people without jobs or food. Also – they announced more layoffs.

Stocks are up in after hours trading on news of the layoffs.



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