Trump Transportation Secretary Suggests Libtard Drivers Utilize Cuck-Zipper Merge

trumpcuckmergeElaine L. Chao, President Donald J. Trump’s Secretary of Transportation, is making waves after suggesting that liberal dishrags let patriotic drivers with Trump bumper stickers just zipper merge ahead of them like the cuck chumps they are.
The zipper merge is not a new concept, it’s where you let assholes that know the lane is ending to just zoom past you and pretend you’re okay with that kind of like how Trump voters know this whole thing is a catastrophe. The difference is Chao is suggesting that some Americans deserve to continue flying by in the dick lane while¬†others should be mitigated to the passive, slower lane.

Chao spoke at a meeting of civil engineers, “Democrats have let us pass them by for years. We’ve stolen the Supreme Court Justice pick from them, we spoon fed them Romney Care and pretended we hated it, I mean, we’ve fucking just slapped the shit out of them for the past 8 years or so, I don’t see what the big deal is. My big dick SUV is gonna fuck you out of that space, libtard. Deal with it.”




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