Terrified Time Travelers Spotted in D.C. Ahead of Trump Inauguration

timetravelThere have been widespread reports in Washington D.C. that some of science fiction’s most recognizable time travelers are appearing out of thin air!  Following the Reagan administration closing mental facilities the District has been no stranger to mentally disturbed people telling tall tales to anyone who would listen but these reports are numerous and from credible sources like political interns, journalists and hot dog vendors.

And the stories all sound eerily similar. Clouds quickly block the sun, the air gets thick and humid, time seems to slow down ever so slightly and suddenly is a crackling, electric sound followed by a blinding light and a time traveler appears, naked and terrified. The nude figure will grab the nearest bystander and ask “AM I TOO LATE?! WHEN IS DONALD TRUMP’S INAUGURATION? HAVE YOU SEEN ANY TERMINATORS?”

So far witnesses claim to have spotted some of science fiction’s most beloved time travelers like Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Bill and Ted, Kyle Reese, Phil Connors, the Terminator, Sam Beckett, Kang the Conqueror and several Dr. Whos. Despite witnesses being completely unrelated the reports share many similarities.

Some post-arrival stories have leaked too. McFly was seen checking the date on a newspaper as he jammed Huey Lewis’ 1986 hit song “Doing It All for My Baby.” The T-2000 was spotted beating up several bikers, taking their clothes and valuables. Bill and Ted are said to have gone further back in time to assemble a cabal of former presidents and founding fathers to speak at the ceremony.

The inauguration is scheduled for Friday, January 20th in this timeline.

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