Hundreds Pay Respects to Tilikum Around SeaWorld’s Giant Toilet

seaworldtoiletHundreds gathered in Orlando earlier to say goodbye to the killer whale known as Tilikum. You may remember Tilikum the orca from the documentary Blackfish that examined what caused the whale to kill a trainer and scrutinized the animal conditions at parks like SeaWorld that lead to the incident.

A SeaWorld official spoke at the ceremony and said that the whole SeaWorld family is grieving for Tilikum and promised there are several changes coming as far as the way the park handles animals, including orcas. Improved living conditions like more space for the captive whales, up to 10 million additional gallons of water, more room to roam in their free time and better safety protections for the whales in the wild are all at the top of their to-do list. Then he said a prayer for Tilikum, said his final goodbye to the magestic beast and pulled the handle on the whale-sized toilet, jiggling it twice, a SeaWorld tradition, before bowing his head and leaving the stage.


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