Trump Appoints Surviving Fat Boys Head of National School Lunch Program

fatboys_groupPresident-elect Trump continues to shock beltway reporters with his appointments and today’s announcement is no different as the Donald welcomes 80’s novelty rappers the Fat Boys to his administration.

Kool Rock-Ski took the podium and said, “Prince Markie Dee and I are honored to have been chosen by Mr. Trump to teach children the importance of a nutritious breakfast of 5 piles of bacon so halfway through your stomach start shakin’ with toast on the side, five gallons of juice and that’s when you just start to get loose.”


Kool Rock-Ski and Prince Markie Dee

Prince Markie Dee than added, “Kids need to eat and eat so very soon everybody in the place will leave the room and for a reason I can’t reveal, pass a banana so I can peel. Devour chocolate cake, plates, candles and all. It tears me up to think that America’s children will now understand the importance of eating all the pizza you can see.. I just wish Buff Love could have been here with us.”

Donald Trump added, “The Fat Boys are back and although they could never be whack they most certainly can be part of my team. I can’t wait to see them perform their hit songs about food and eating and food at my inauguration. Together we’re going to get the country to sit around some pizza, some donuts, some KFC and make America great again!”


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