Photo: Paul Ryan Trying to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

paulryanswitchThis exclusive photo shows Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, working to swap out the ObamaCare plan that was originally called RomneyCare with a new plan. RomneyCare was written by the Republican think tank the Heritage Foundation, it was first implemented by then Massachusetts governor Republican Mitt Romney, adopted by neoliberal Democrats, vilified by Republicans for being too socialist as soon as they did, rebranded ObamaCare as a sort of insult, vilified by progressives who realized how insane it was to start negotiations by giving your opponent everything they were asking for as too conservative and later voted in by Democrats so no Republican had to take ownership of their own idea.

One of many examples of the GOP playing one dimensional checkers while establishment Democrats roll over and play 3D dead.

Now that the GOP has control of all three branches of federal government Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are tasked with replacing not only the health care plan but with trying to keep the blame for the thing their party always wanted on the Democrats. Now if they repeal and replace it, even with the same plan, they will have to give it a different name like TrumpCare  and risk losing the ability to blame Democrats… For their plan.

What will he do? Now that he’s sprung the booby trap?


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