House GOP Back Off, Thought Vote Was to Gut “Ethnics, not Ethics”

6501061061_281e163a05_bHouse Republicans are apologizing to angry constituents who flooded their offices with phone calls, emails and angry Tweets after a late night 119-74 vote to cripple an independent ethics watchdog group founded in 2008 following the Jack Abramoff scandal. The lawmakers who voted in the affirmative want their vote stricken from the record because they feel Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia) misrepresented the amendment.

A member of the House spoke to us on condition of confidentiality said, “He told us that this was about gutting ethNics. Not ethics. As a proud American naturally I hate those ethnics. However, as a Christian, Family Values conservative I’m all for ethics and to think that I just voted for an amendment that would allow criminals like Hillary Clinton to take money from, oh, let’s say, Russian mobsters, foreign interests and corrupt corporations or sell access to his, I mean her, family makes me sick to my stomach. Imagine the damage someone like her could do thanks to the amendment that I just voted for, she could run roughshod over the nation. It makes me sick to my stomach to think my constituents might think that I’m some kind of hypocrite.”


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