Blood Thirsty Shoppers Foregoing Boxing Day and Celebrating “Mixed Martial Arts Day”

1024px-boxing_day_at_the_toronto_eaton_centreOur neighbors to the north in Canada are getting tough… on Boxing Day that is! It seems the holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom and anywhere the British Empire touched is evolving as consumers demand a more violent, bloody post-Christmas Holiday fix.

Canadian consumers have a lot of options when it comes to Black Friday and Boxing Day sales now so those that actually leave the house in search of bargains rather than go online are the toughest of the tough and they are looking for a fight. They don’t just come out pushing for a position before the stores open nowadays, we are seeing regular folks applying rear naked choke holds on escalators, roundhouse kicks into Christmas decorations and double leg take downs in the parking lots. Once you see grandma’s ground and pound a salesman who tells her the TV she wants is sold out you really can’t go back to shopping with boring jabs, hooks and uppercuts.


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