UPDATED: Trump’s Inauguration Entertainment Line Up So Far

This Should be the News has obtained an exclusive list of musicians and performers that have confirmed they will be honoring president-elect Donald Trump at his historic inauguration. Here’s how the list looks so-far:

The ceremony will open with an interpretative dance by the world famous Russian Ballet


Gallagher 2 (the Brother of comedian Gallagher)


Mini Kiss




The national anthem will be sung by former Pantera front man and “Wine Power” supporter, Phil Anselmo


Stand up by Michael Richards


and Yakov Smirnoff


Red carpet reporting by Madame


and Paula Deen will provide the catering


Despite the Trump campaign’s reported problems booking A-list performers it seems like they won’t have to settle on Ted Nugent and Kid Rock tribute act “Cowboy” after all. Even more exciting are reports that negotiations between team Trump and Garth Brooks are still underway and a deal could be announced this week. Rumors are that Brooks wants to play just one song – a 45 minute version of “I Have Friends in Low Places” and Trump wants him to play “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”


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