Apple Releases USB Dongle to Estimate Time Remaining on a MacBook Battery


The most courageous man in Cupertino, California.

Earlier today Apple released an update to MacOS Sierra (version 10.12.2) which addresses critical bacon and face palm emoji updates, some minor graphic issues, removes the “time remaining” option from the battery status from the dock and a System Integrity Protection something or another.

More importantly Apple launched a new SKU in their line of revolutionary and courageous new dongles – a USB dongle that restores the “battery time remaining” functionality that today’s update removed. The dongle, naturally, will not work out of the box with the newest MacBook Pros and will require a USB to USB-C or Thunderbolt adapter which is sold separately. The adapter does not draw power from the laptop so the dongle also has a microUSB port solely for electricity from a second USB source. The dongle will not work with the new iPhone 7 at all but curiously it does work with the new Lightning headphones yet does not broadcast any sound to support it.

The new dongle is available now in the Apple Store for $99.95 and comes in Space Grey and Gaudy Gold.


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