Apple is Building a Dongle Factory in the United States


Apple Inc. has informed shareholders, the Trump administration and the tech press that they are bringing production of their #2 selling physical product, various dongles and adapters, to a brand new, state of the art facility in suburban Detroit, Michigan next year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has carefully transitioned Apple’s product pipeline following Steve Jobs death 5 years ago, meticulously evolving products like the MacBook and iPhone to require adapters, or as they call them in silicon valley “dongles,” that although released a few months apart cannot physically connect to each other. The new iPhone’s headphones need a dongle to connect to the new MacBook and the MacBook cannot charge the new iPhone without a dongle.

Apple is also trimming some dongleless product lines like their popular AirPort wireless routers. The AirPort is rumored to be phased out as inventories dry up just like the dongle-free Cinema Display was. Experts say the SKUs are being removed from Apple Store shelves because both the iPhone and new MacBook can connect to them without the need for a dongle via a standard WiFi connection.

Apple is denying the move is a response to pressure from president-elect Donald Trump or that they cut a deal with the incoming administration to repatriate billions of dollars in offshores profits tax free in exchange for the American dongle business. Trump was less tight lipped, quickly bragging on Twitter that his America will boast the the biggest dongles in the world. Apple shares are up slightly in after hours trading.


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