Alt-Right Reindeer Excluding Rudolph from Reindeer Games Again

rudolphSources inside the Kringle Corporation’s Elf Union at the North Pole report that the Elves have witnessed elevated instances of famed red-nosed reindeer, Rudolph, being excluded from reindeer games since the election of Donald Trump. There are also reports of increased laughing and name calling as the Alt-Reich reindeer seem emboldened to be jackasses by Trump’s victory. There is also evidence that some reindeer spray painted hateful messages on Rudolph while he was sleeping.

Many left-leaning reindeer like Dancer and Prancer have called on Santa-Elect, Donald Trump, to denounce the so-called “Alt Right,” or Alt Reich as we’ve deemed them, but despite being vocal on Twitter all week, bragging that he would use his “magic dust” to level Muslims unless they put out cookies for him, he has said almost nothing about the matter. He has also been talking to anti-red-nose advocate, Blitzen about taking leading Santa’s sleigh. Fortunately this kind of behavior is limited to the animal kingdom.



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