Inspiring Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Celebrate Death of Castro

0116gitmo12Prisoners held without trial at the infamous “GitMo” detention center in Cuba enjoyed a rare weekend off from their living hell as they were allowed to celebrate the death of oppressive dictator Fidel Castro. You may recall that the vile organization that hates our freedom, Wikileaks, brought Guantanamo Bay back to the public’s attention when it revealed that many of the “bad guys” held and tortured with techniques like waterboarding at the facility were non-violent and in many cases innocent.

Well, when the news of Castro’s demise reached the normally somber prison the guards felt this was a perfect opportunity to celebrate America’s karmic high ground and suspended their Standing Rock-style weaponized fire hose attacks for the weekend! How is that for an uplifting party?!

There’s no word yet on how the over 2 and a half million prisoners in the United States, over a million of which are held for non-violent offenses, celebrated the passing of the cruel dictator but we have a feeling they were hopeful for the future of freedom with president elect-Trump on the horizon. His presidential pompadour is primped and poised to wear the Crown of Commander in Chief after Bush and Obama expanded the power of the office for him.


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