Can Something Apple’s Steve Jobs Did Save Us from Trump and Make Hillary President? Maybe.


Is the secret to saving America from Trump hidden in there somewhere?

There is a Change.Org petition going around begging the electoral college voters to not cast their state’s vote for president-elect Donald J. Trump who won the 2016 election as predicted right here at This Should be the News in March.However, if the college acted that petition it could drive the nation into complete civil unrest as the segment of the population that is most heavily armed would likely take their fight to the streets. And they’d have good reason, Donald Trump has won within the system and the general public was well aware of his numerous scandals and flaws.

That brings us to another options – the Apple iTunes User Agreement that no one reads and blindly accepts. Ever the forward “different” thinking genius, Steve Jobs, put a brief sentence in a very small font in the iTunes user agreement that reads simply “I waive my right to become president of the United States if I ever am taped telling Billy Bush that I grab women by the pussy while riding a promotional bus.”

Bet you never read that one, didja?! Well, it’s been in there since the release of the iPod Photo! So, if Donald Trump has ever used a version of iTunes for Windows or Mac since the October 26, 2004 version he may have agreed to “opt out” of the presidency! Make sure to share this article with your friends. We need to get the word out before the January 20th inauguration!


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