Hillary Clinton Sits on Washington Generals Bench During Globetrotters Game


Washington players recreate the DNC scrambling to understand why they didn’t catch Donald Trump. Not seen – Bernie Sanders.

Secretary of State and presidential runner-up, Hillary Clinton made her first appearance following her upset loss to president-elect Donald J. Trump when she sat on the Washington Generals bench during their game against the Harlem Globetrotters. The game which saw the Globetrotters humiliate the Generals 147-15 was full of zany antics more appropriate for a presidential debate than a basketball game like a bucket of “water” that was really confetti being thrown on the frightened crowd and one of the Generals being de-pantsed by a Globetrotter while taking a free throw.


The DNC relates to this Washington player caught with his pants down.

Clinton seemed shocked by the amount of foolishness on the part of the opposing Globetrotters who blatantly mocked Washington and bent the rules while managing to charm the hometown team fans and win them over. By the time the buzzer sounded the end of the contest it seemed that the Generals eagerness to withstand loss night after night had rubbed off on Clinton and she accepted her place among other lukewarm Democratic “My Turn” hopefuls like Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry and other boring, wonky politicians that have lost to charismatic right wing flimflam men. There’s rumors of Tim Kaine being the next in this long line of lovable losers!

Don’t ever change, DNC… Well, unless you want to actually win but like the Washington Generals, I’m not sure you do.


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