Clinton to Run in 2020 on Anti-Third Party Platform

clintonputinballoonsrudyHillary Clinton, still reeling from a devastating loss that This Should Be the News predicted on March 15th, has begun to email donors asking for contributions for her 2020 bid to take back the White House from Donald Trump. The email came as a shock to many not just because it was sent within hours of her concession speech but because it specifically pointed out her platform would center around rounding up the minority group known as third party voters and deporting them to a country with run off voting.

Clinton is apparently still bitter that she lost to a candidate that many considered to be an orange fish in a shot glass sized barrel. The candidate, who was so confident she’d win that she needed to consult Mitt Romney for tips on writing last minute concession speeches, is hoping that next time the nation that has soundly told pollsters time and time again that they do not like or trust her, will be so angry after four years of Donald Trump that they’ll have no choice but to settle for her.


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