Quentin Tarantino Promises to Retire After 5,000 Career N-Words or Two More Movies


The director and his muse!

Controversial writer, director and occasional actor, Quentin Tarantino has shocked fans by promising that his retirement from movie making is eminent. However, it is contingent on meeting one of two goals that are uniquely Quentin’s!

The first goal that would trigger his retirement is finishing two more films. Tarantino is notorious for putting his entirely life into each frame of celluloid that bears his name! He writes, he edits, he directs and often he even appears in the films he makes… That is a very taxing process and we can understand why QT might be ready to enjoy the fruits of all that labor!

The other goal that would trigger his retirement is something else he is notorious for pouring into his films – gratuitous use of the n-word! Quentin Tarantino is to the notorious racial epithet as Sam Raimi is to his beloved 1973 Oldsmobile Delta Royale that he sneaks into every one of his films! Q, as we like to call him, has set a personal goal of being the first director to have over 5,000 audible usages of the n-word in his films.

He swears that he will retire regardless of which goal comes first. Do you think he’ll do it? Let us know in the comments!



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