Bill Clinton Courting Swing Voters at Key Parties

d19_10474575Former president and potential first-first husband, Bill Clinton, is hitting the campaign trail hot and heavy in these final days leading up to the election. As his better half Hillary Clinton is buried in damage control from vague FBI press releases and just the grueling schedule of a candidate in a close race days before the election Bill has been meeting personally with swinging voters at key parties in battleground states.


Attendees of these “Key Swing State” parties put their keys into a bowl like this one and then another party goers pulls the key out and introduces themselves to the owner. It is a great way to encourage mingling!

Press secretary for Mr. Clinton, Jonathan Akbar, met with us on the porch of one such party, “The former president, despite his age and the marathon campaigning these past months is showing no signs of slowing down. He is a vigorous campaigner going in and out two or three parties a night. He’s a real dynamo for the Hillary campaign and wants to personally touch as many undecided voters as possible before the November 8th election. We’d love to let you in and see the man at work the room but these are intimate, private parties for loving couples of this swing community only.”



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