Cosby Lawyers Say Comedian is Too Sleepy to Defend Himself in Court

wireap_8c66eeb1a1ea410588faa4d95e52aa85_16x9_1600Earlier today attorneys for disgraced comedian, Ghost Dad and Leonard Part 6 star, Bill Cosby, said their client is too blind to stand trial for sexual assault. They argued that a defendant cannot sit quietly and listen to the terrible things he allegedly did without the benefit of sight.

The judge dismissed the request so Cosby’s team came back from lunch break with a new defense: their client is simply too groggy to stay awake for the trial.

Lead lawyer for Cosby, Anthony Clifton, addressed the judge “Your honor, if it pleases the court I’d like to move that we suspend the trial. Our client suffers from narcolepsy and is completely helpless in his half-conscience, half-asleep state. Certainly any reasonable person would recognize the compromised state of our client and would refrain from taking advantage of his weakened condition.”


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