Poll: 90% of Americans Will Not Accept Results of Election if Trump Wins

161019212535-trump-medium-thumb-2-exlarge-169Many Americans and political observers alike were outraged when Donald Trump refused to say if he would graciously accept defeat if he lost the November 8th election following his comments that the contest was “rigged” for Hillary Clinton.  Despite network executives, advertising agencies and ad sellers being thrilled with the idea of any continuation of this doomsday bubble they’ve enjoyed.

Pollsters were curious what likely voters thought about Trump’s comments and they asked a series of questions. One of the questions, “Would You Accept Donald Trump as President of the United States if He Wins the November 8th Election,” showed that 9 out 10 voters would not accept the co-creator of Celebrity Apprentice as their leader. The polling firm followed up with each of the voters to make sure they understood the question and the number of voters who would not accept Trump actually increased!


The most interesting statistic the researchers found was that voters who were actually planning on voting for Trump were MORE likely to not accept him as president. Most of those voters seemed to feel this election was similar to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and felt that there would be a do-over should Trump win.


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