Assange Leaks BOMBSHELL Photo of Trump’s Natural Hairline!


Julian Assange may have had his internet cut off at the Ecudorian embassy but not before he managed to leak one last document that could blow the whole race for Trump and give Hillary the edge she needs to finally pull ahead!

Despite Trump being a particularly heinous human being and potentially the most dangerous man to ever sniff the presidency since George W. Bush nearly choked on a pretzel Hillary Clinton is still nearly neck and neck with the Donald as the November 8th election approaches. Voters just seem to think that since Trump is not beholden to any particular political lobby it makes makes him a more desirable candidate despite his obvious ineptitude. Democrats and Clinton surrogates have tried to connect Trump to Russian president Vladimir Putin and have blamed the former Soviet Union for hacking and releasing sensitive documents. The United States has a spotless record when it comes to intervening in foreign elections so this last charge is particularly disappointing to the impeccably clean state department.

However, all that is about to change as Wikileaks has revealed an image that undoubtedly connects the Donald to Mother Russia. What it is it under Trump’s quaff of orange AquaNet sprayed angel hair? Why it is none other than the Communist birthmark of former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev!


In his final leak before his internet was cut off Julian Assange released this photo that reveals once and for all Trump is a stooge of Mother Russia!

According to the leaked document Gorby and Trump became blood brothers in the 1980’s and along with Putin formed a cabal to overthrow the United States government with a campaign so stupid it would stun and disorient the American press and lay waste to the Grand Old Republican Party.

The election is fast approaching… Do you think this outrageous image of Trump’s actual forehead is enough to sink his hopes for the presidency or are you even more emboldened to vote for him? Let us know in the comments!

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