McCain Pitches Last Supreme Court Justice Standing to Senate, NBC

Guantanamo Bay legislation announcement in WashingtonEarlier this week Arizona Senator John McCain suggested that if Hillary Clinton was elected president of the United States that Republicans would continue to block any Supreme Court appointments. Those remarks were received with widespread criticism and now McCain has proposed a more bipartisan solution that doubles as a fall replacement show.

McCain and co-creator of Celebrity Apprentice, TV producer Mark Burnett, introduced a constitutional amendment today that would not only drastically retool the Supreme Court nomination process but it would introduce a new cast of SCOTUS justices every 4 years. The justices would be voted off twice a year by Congress in an elaborate rose ceremony until a singular “Supreme” judge emerged. The winner would defend his or her title the following election season against 8 new contestants.

If the legislation passes Last Supreme Court Justice could be a fall replacement for the struggling Timeless or The Good Place on NBC.


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