Trump Asks WWE to Reschedule Wrestling Event Airing Opposite Debate

20090622_trump_sells_rawDonald Trump has reached out to his good friend and fellow blowhard billionaire bully, Vince McMahon, to reschedule Monday’s episode of WWE Raw that is schedule to directly compete for viewers with the debate between the candidate and Hillary Clinton.

Sources close to Trump say the Donald is terrified that this particular episode of Raw is going to be huge. Trump is right to be concerned as Monday will be the first episode of Raw after the first Raw branded pay per view, Clash of Champions, and will likely be can’t miss television for his core supporters. Especially concerning to Trump is that the episode will likely open with a confrontation between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins who are competing in the main event for the WWE Universal Title the night before. If that confrontation goes well viewers may be hooked and forget to change channels. It doesn’t help that word has gotten out that Vegas odd makers are nearly certain the debate will not feature a steel chair being used as a weapon by either candidate. Trump for his part has suggested that he would prefer the debate moved to a night that doesn’t compete with Monday Night Football or Raw and has suggested it take place in a steel cage.

Trump is making backup arrangements to ensure that if he cannot get his friends at the WWE to reschedule that he can take a timeout during the segment recapping the Women’s Championship match between Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and fan favorite Bayley so he can “enjoy the catfight.”

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