FTD Florist Introduces “Basket Full of Deplorables” Bouquet

ftd1FTD (or Florists’ Transworld Delivery) has teamed with celebrity Donald Trump supporters Richard Petty and Hulk Hogan to introduce their new, limited-time “Basket Full of Deplorables” floral arrangement. In keeping with their popular Pick Me Up Bouquet the recipient of the various dead flowers gets to keep the woven basket adorned with the new Trump campaign logo (see after the break).

“We feel this arrangement has a lot of potential as we head into one of the most heated elections of all time. You’ve got customers who would want to send this gift as a gag for Halloween,  angry Facebook commenters who want to send it as a very special ‘fuck you’ that a hateful meme doesn’t quite communicate and then you have Hillary supporters who want to send it with a ‘I’m disowning you’ card to relatives, usually divorced uncles in our experience, who have been emailing them hateful things about the Clinton campaign and liberals in general” Sara Sullivan, head of marketing and PR for FTD, told us.

She continued, “We really wanted to recapture the feel of our famous Forget Me Not and Pick Me Up campaigns but unfortunately Merlin Olsen is a good man who has been dead for 6 years so we turned to alternative athletes that might be sympathetic to being compared to deplorables. First, we landed Richard Petty because he will basically endorse anything including Donald Trump’s candidacy. Millions of NASCAR fans know and respect Richard and southern race fans are a demographic that has traditionally been difficult for florists to reach. Next we thought of another difficult group for florists and that was professional wrestling fans who use the n-word a lot in private so we reached out to Hulk Hogan who has an excellent Q rating with the soft racist wrestling fan demo. He was still waiting for his Gawker settlement money so the Hulkster proved to be a very enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump, Lord knows what he sees in him, and was very eager to come on board Team Deplorable… which is what we’re calling the campaign.”

Like our exclusive Drumpf logo featured on the bouquet basket? Get it on a mug, t-shirt, hoodie or iPhone case in a variety of awesome colors and styles at our new store!


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