This Patriotic Pharma CEO Raises Price of EpiPen During the National Anthem!

epipenMylan pharmaceutical company CEO, Heather Bresch, isn’t like that America hating jerk Colin Kaepernick – she stands up during the national anthem and she also raises the prices of life saving drugs that American tax payers paid to develop!

Many Americans can’t stand an athlete who doesn’t stand for the anthem but fortunately for shareholders they don’t get too upset when their tax dollars go towards the research and development of life saving drugs like EpiPens while the companies that manufacture these man made miracles fleece anyone who has or loves someone who has a life threatening allergy! Amazing!

BREAKING! Even more America loving news from Bresch and the good people at Mylan but in 2014 when they merged with a company that allowed them to move their headquarters to the Netherlands to skirt United States taxes, the kind of taxes used to develop the drug in the first place, she was given more than 5 million dollars to help cover her US tax bill! Oh say can you see the profits?!



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