History’s Worst Monsters with Snapchat Filters Prove The App Makes ANYONE Adorable!

snapchatWe all love to have fun with those crazy Snapchat filters but what about history’s most evil dictators and mass murderers? Why should they miss out on the fun? We took the liberty to show you what they’d look like if they had access to the iOS or Google Play App Stores!


Adolph has been a very, very bad dog! Now he’s hot and panting trying to cool down!


Idi Amin liked to eat his own people but you put a couple of bunny ears on him and he’s adorable! 


Mighty Mussolini shows off his proud unicorn horn! He may fancy himself a tough guy but he will be asking Hitler to roll over and help him out in time!


Stalin’s dinner didn’t agree with him and now the man of steel is letting it all out from underneath his mustache!


Pol Pot may have an angel wings and halo but we haven’t forgotten about your crimes against humanity!


Caligula must be thinking about another one of his infamous blood orgies because he’s practically drooling! Settle down, Emperor, Snapchat pictures disappear!


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