Olympic Week One Recap: US Dominates ISIS in Medal Count

rio-2016-olympics-medals_1hko0oaxehu981n9pd27g1h4z9USA! USA! USA! The United States may be in a costly and bloody war with the terrorist group known as ISIS or the “Islamic State” but after the first week of competition in Rio it would seem that the Islamic State has no medals compared to 70 for the United States. They didn’t even show up for the parade of nations!

Ever since Jessie Owens took the gold in plain view of Hitler at the 1938 Berlin games the Olympics have been a surrogate for war and diplomacy. Anyone who grew up between the 60’s to the 80’s can recall cheering against the Soviets as the Cold War raged on.

However, it seems the so-called Islamic State may just be as bad at swimming, running, diving, fencing, gymnasticing and trampolining as they are good at decapitations and blowing themselves up. Sorry, ISIS, until you can get in the top three medal count you’re no real threat to the red, white and blue.


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