5 Reasons Critics Will LOVE the Suicide Squad BluRay Edition

SuicideSquadCritics have been very harsh on the latest Warner Brothers/DC Comics film, Suicide Squad, with a very low 26% score on the film critic aggregate site RottenTomatoes but director David Ayer says that those critics will be eating their words when the Ultimate Edition comes out on BluRay just in time for the Christmas season.

Here’s some of the reasons Warner Brothers and Ayers are so confident their vision for the DCEU will be embraced by fans and critics alike in the exclusive, 3+ hour BluRay Ultimate Edition of the film:

  1. New scenes! There were a ton of deleted scenes from the theatrical release and you will be getting all those goodies!
  2. New cast and characters! Almost every role is being recast right now in time for the BluRay Ultimate Edition! Were you one of the many who thought Jared Leto’s Joker looked like “the roadie you have to blow before you get to meet ICP?” well you’re in luck because they’re recasting Joker for the Ultimate Edition! They’re also going to add Darkseid and Bizarro (Me watch BiZaRRo?!?!  Yes, please!) to the Suicide Squad and recast Slipknot, Captain Boomerrang and Killer Kroc. They also promise 90% fewer face tattoos – AWESOME!
  3. New director! David Ayer admitted that the theatrical cut is “his version” of the film so naturally he’s out the door because this thing looked like a nightmare you’d have after drinking too much Four Loco and Monster Energy drink! BYE, FELICIA!
  4. New script! This movie was dopey with too many lame one-liners and too many musical cues from the played out soundtrack so what better way to improve the movie than to completely re-write it again!
  5. Marvel Studios is doing all the rewrites and filming! Christopher Nolan is adamant that he will not return to the DCU anytime soon so DC is doing the next best thing – turning it all over to Marvel Studios. EXCELSIOR!

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