Putin to Attack USA with Inflatable War Tech After Clinton’s Childish DNC Display


Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly bemused at the sight of a bewitched Bill Clinton, all big-eyed and boyishly bouncing those big, beautiful, blue balloons like a newborn baby all about the DNC stage while his beloved, blushing bride, better half and presidential best bet for breaking up big banks, Hillary Clinton, beamed beneath the boulder-sized bags brimming with blue state breath.

The president is said to have ordered the Kremlin’s best balloon blowers to prepare a balloon drop that will further bilk and bewilder the brainless American body politic who would be blown away by balloons filled with bounteous bouts of email data.


Look at the decadent western “leaders” amused by a toy meant for a child, comrade.


From above! I believe it is a balloon, what an amazing and spontaneous thing that is about to happen in the land of plenty, Mr. Bill, my husband.


The BALLOONS! They amaze our weak minds that have been pummeled by capitalism and non-state controlled mass media. I hope we are not attacked now, our most vulnerable moment!


This is the man who ran America?! How did we not realize they were weak?


Where are the balloons at my party of American arrogance!? I was promised balloons in exchange for my soul (which does not exist yet I sold it to gullible Trump – hahaha)!


Look at the Democrat party kick the white balloons while they are down and weak yet they prop up the red and blue. Vote for Trump, comrade!




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