Ticketmaster Announces Lineup for Court Ordered “Class Action Festival”

wireap_1515c5e78f5842b6adea063f0058595a_16x9_1600Did you buy concert tickets on Ticketmaster’s website between 1999 and 2009? Well, check your inbox because you may just be going to summer hottest festival for free!¬†Summer of 2002 that is!

The generous people at Ticketmaster are doing more than just making good on a class action lawsuit that they lost Рthey are gifting their loyal customers with a whole day of top notch music and comedy. The lineup features Nickelback, James Blunt, Smash Mouth, Good Charlotte, the Blowfish, Brooke Hogan, Billy Ray Cyrus, apl.de.ap and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas and comedian Gallagher II.

Ticketmaster will be emailing and sending AOL installation CDs to all customers who are eligible with instructions on how to claim tickets.


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