Matthew Lesko Pledges His Support for Bernie Sanders as Campaign Winds Down


You may remember author Matthew Lesko who came to fame with his late-night infomercials promoting “Free Government Stuff” books that promised to help Americans find federal grants, loans, “free money” and other little known services and programs meant to stimulate specific businesses and educate citizens. Now the author who, thanks to the recession and government cutbacks, has seen his government directories go from phone book sized volumes to Reader’s Digest sized pamphlets is working hard to make sure Bernie Sanders stays in the race.

Lesko spoke to us over the phone, “Sanders is the only candidate I support even if he is a little too far right for my liking. We need more old-school FDR, new-deal government programs that aren’t accessible on the internet. His ideas for free tuition, health care, maternity and paternity leave, sick days and all the other basic things the citizens of lesser nations have enjoyed for generations are great and I support them. Just so long as they are only available to those who can handle a ton of red tape that only a handy, reasonably priced book will help you navigate.”





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