Trump Supporters who Hate Teleprompters Turning to Sanders, Independents


Trump’s Teleprompter, seen far left, use is turning off a lot of voters who give a fuck about teleprompters for reasons unknown.

Donald Trump has a problem on his hands. No, not the news media starting to do their jobs now that he’s hurt their feelings by calling them names. No, not the racist comments he’s made about Judge Gonzalo Curiel. No, not the lawsuits surrounding Trump University. This is a problem with his most ardent supporters.

Although it hasn’t previously been reported pollsters have been asking potential Trump voters if they’d consider abandoning their allegiance to Trump should he start using teleprompters like Obummer, Crooked Hillary, Lying Ted, Knuckles Carly, Crave Case Chris, Tugboat Huck, Jugband Jeb, Jukejoint John and Howlin’ Newt. Voters responded with a definitive yes and now that Trump is starting to utilize a teleprompter, objectively poorly, the numbers are starting to reflect that.

Where do these voters ultimately go? Well, Bernie Sanders has never used a teleprompter and although he is still in the race barring a Democratic superdelegate coup or FBI indictment he will not be the Democratic nominee. Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, and Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate, may or may not use teleprompters but no news outlet has ever sent anyone to cover them so we do not know. We know Vermin Supreme does not use a teleprompter because he wears a rubber boot on his head and the media loves putting that on TV.


No teleprompter!




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