Fox Apologizes for Billboard Depicting Villain Acting Villainous


Rose McGowan got all bent out of shape because she saw a billboard of Jennifer Lawrence playing a super powered blue mutant being choked by another blue mutant character who is over 5,000 years old and named Apocalypse and somehow equated that to Fox pictures promoting “casual violence” against human women.

Tom Shaw of Fox Pictures said, “We promise Rose McGowan our next murderous would-be world conquering tyrant character will be a lot nicer to the women he’s trying to wipe off the face of the earth before he attempts to wipe them off the face of the earth.”

And Rose is right. What could be more casual and domestic than a 5,000 year old man coming back to life with the intention of destroying the world and manhandling one of the most powerful characters from the two previous films to demonstrate his strength to the audience? Women can, and must be, powerful protagonists and have more prominent roles in action movies about things blowing up going forward but if their enemies fight back in these films you’re promoting violence against all women, not just murderous super powered fictional women so while they can beat up the male characters audiences simply aren’t ready for these women to face any peril that they might overcome and complete their character arc.

Bonus! Our one word review of X-Men Apocalypse. The word is “apoc-meh-lypse.” We thought that was pretty good word. X-Men Apocalypse is in theaters now but if you care about such things you already knew that, didn’t you?


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