NRA Arming Zoo Animals Following Gorilla Incident

nraatthezooThousands of animal lovers and gun advocates are outraged by the recent shooting death of an innocent, unarmed gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo after a young boy climbed into the cage with the animal. Zoo officials say they shot the gorilla to protect the boy despite eyewitness reports that the gorilla was protecting the child. This incident, although tragic, has spurred some long overdue debates about parental responsibility, the ethics of even having zoos and, of course, if we should be arming animals so they can defend themselves against attacks.

We spoke to NRA vice-president, Wayne LaPierre, and he told us “Look, the only way to stop a bad zookeeper with a gun is a good zoo animal with a gun. Many of these animals have the dexterity to handle a firearm and the intelligence of a 5 to 7 year old. We have active members as young as 3, we have guns in schools, teachers with guns, guns in churches, gun in bars so why not guns in our zoological parks and in the paws of wild animals?”

As we were leaving we overheard an NRA gun safety instructor speaking to a group of meerkats, “everyone lock and load. We have a rogue zoo choo-choo train conductor in the field! This is not a drill!”


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