Report: Clintons Made $7mm for Speeches but Trump has Best Words, Gives Them Away


Hillary and Bill Clinton look on in amazement as Donald Trump generously doles out some of his most prized words in elegant and charming soundbites that even they can easily comprehend.

A report published this week shows that Hillary and Bill Clinton made $6.7 million dollars in speaking fees for closed door speeches to big money clients in 2015. However, the report which was conducted by Trump Word and Sports Book shows that Donald Trump knows and has the best words yet freely gives them away like a thesaurus wielding Robin Hood.


This graph helps explain how Trump would not only delivery superior State of the Union speeches compared to Clinton but how much the nation would save per word.

This is no surprise to long-time Trump supporters who have long known that the Donald has the best words nor is it a surprise to socialists who support Bernie Sanders and have demanded Clinton submit millions of dollars of her words that she assembled and shared with companies like Goldman Sachs in speech form.

Trump says he feels that using the best words in open, free forums is his way of giving back, “Listen, I know and have the best words. Really great words and unlike Hillary I share them with all Americans. I can tell you, I’ve heard some of Hillary’s closed door words and they are very low energy words and once you hear them there are no refunds or returns, you’re stuck with these weak words. Very sad, I assure you. I’d be ashamed to be seen with some of these words let alone speak them myself, very unpresidential.”


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