All-Female Porky’s Reboot Green Lit Just to Piss Off Sexists


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Men’s rights activists are up in arms over the announcement of an all-female Porky’s reboot starring the cast of the all-new, all-female Ghostbusters!

You may recall the outrage over the casting announcement and subsequent trailers for the all new Ghostbusters film starring proven comedic talents Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones, who all happen to be women. Well, that movie isn’t even out yet and the froth hasn’t even dried from the side of sexists and men’s rights activists mouths before news that their favorite perverted privacy violatin’ sex romp from the 80’s, Porky’s is returning to the big screen as Porky’s XY – The Year She Made Contact.

The reboot follows 4 sex-starved gals coming of age as they talk about dongs, help each other right their ex-boyfriend’s wrongs against them and check out Chippendale’s hunks in thongs! We spoke to star and co-writer Kate McKinnon, “admittedly there wasn’t much to the original script, or this one, frankly it is basically a bunch of dick, butt and boob gags but the thought of these internet blowhards blowing their lids in their mom’s basement was too rich to pass up. They are the real joke.”



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