Hillary’s Email and Health “Issues” Have a Make-A-Wish Foundation Connection

hillaryclintonWe have obtained an exclusive email that was reportedly written by Hillary Clinton and sent to the Make-A-Wish foundation following her 2012 fainting incident. You may recall the secretary of state suffering a concussion that took 6 months to recover from. Here is that email in its entirety:

 Dear Make-a-Wish,

My name is Hillary and I am 64 years old and I fell down and went boom. Ouch! I bumped my head real bad and it hurts real bad too and the doctors are worried about me real bad and my mommy and daddy are worried too. I am worried that I may not get to run for president again and I have really wanted to be president for a really long time – like 60 years! – and that is a long time to want to be a president so you should know that I really want to be president. I need to be president really bad because I am a girl and there has never been a girl president. My doctors say my head booboo is very serious and will take at least 6 months to get better but maybe more and that is going to make being president hard. Can you grant me a Wish and make me the president? I know there is a president now but he was born in Kenya and should not be president anyways also he has been president a lot he may want a vacation while I am president. He could go to Mecca or something fun for Muslims, I don’t know what they do for fun.

Please grant my wish, I am worried about my head and would be a very good president especially for girls. Did you know there you know there has never been a female president?

Since-cough, cough-sincerely,


P.S. Did I mention there has never been a female president and I am female?


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