Gene Simmons Stops Shaking Lose Change from Kiss Fan Long Enough to Comment on Prince’s Death

geneGene Simmons, the bass-playing Demon from Kiss, is known for merchandising the band’s likeness on clothes, video games, action figures, hair pins, condoms, caskets, underwear, professional wrestlers, ties, bobble heads, Pez, guitars, bed sheets and anything else that can be cheaply manufactured in China and sold to diseased fans suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. When Gene has no new products to shamelessly shill he spends his days either playing Kiss cruises and concerts or if his more talented friends are unavailable to accompany him musically he’ll just randomly grab Kiss fans and shake the loose change from their pants pockets.

Gene thought it was important that the world know that he thought Prince’s death was “pathetic.” Good for you, Gene Simmons. Good for you.


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