China launches passenger-less buses to meet demand.

Ride-a-Chinese-busHUZHOU CITY, ZHEJIANG, CHINA – Following up on the very successful driverless buses launched recently, Chinese bus company Yutong stated that it will complete the transition to a completely automated bus system by eliminating passengers.  Passengerless buses are the newest trend in an overcrowded urban environment as municipalities try to stretch their meager budgets.  Passengerless buses can occasionally be seen lurking in Los Angeles and Detroit but nobody has attempted it on such a grand scale.

Yutong Bus Company claims that the driverless and passengerless buses will still break down, run late and smell occasionally like urine just as normal buses do.  TSBTN correspondent interviewed local business woman Wu Feng Duo  and while she claimed she hadn’t heard about the passengerless buses, she did seem excited to not ride them some day.  Either that or she gave us excellent directions to a Buddhist temple, we really don’t speak Chinese.


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