Trump Says “Border Wall Just Got Lower” After Hearing of Half Mile Drug Tunnel

22tunnelvid2-facebookjumboPresidential hopeful, and obsessive compulsive building labeler, Donald J. Trump was quick to respond to the discovery of a record setting half mile tunnel used to smuggle cocaine and marijuana from Tijuana to San Diego.

“Well, let me tell our Mexican friends that the wall they are going to build just got 10 feet lower! We will make the wall negative 50 feet if necessary and who is going to pay for it? Mexico! That’s who. We are going to build a wall so deep and so low and so great that these thugs from Mexico are going to have to dig to China to under the wall they’re going to build. In fact we may make the bottom of our wall THE Great Wall of China and connect it to our wall through the center of the earth to keep the rapists and murders and druggies out. Then we can claim the Great Wall as our own. Adding the Great Wall would go a long way towards making America great again since it is great just like we’re going to be great. It’s really terrific thinking about how great we’re going to be,” Trump told supporters at a rally.


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