Catholic Priests in North Carolina Amazed They Can Still Use Public Restrooms

13_09_2014__16_25_5773729c511a8fdcc637669c65aa45a97d3bcc7_640x480RALEIGH, NC – Priests for the Archdiocese of Greater Raleigh gathered yesterday to celebrate their continuing freedom to evacuate in public men’s restrooms among vulnerable young boys while innocent transgender citizens are being characterized as predators.

“Father Mahoney and myself are, frankly, bewildered that not only are we free to walk society’s streets despite countless members of our profession that violated the public’s sacred trust by obsessively diddling their kids but that transgender citizens, who have no history of preying on children, have to get patted down to check their kibbles and bits before they do their business in the bathroom,” Monseigneur Kravelli told the assembly of perverted pastors.

“As a community of predators we should really say a prayer of thanks for the bounty of horrific crimes the law, the church and the general public have turned a blind eye to thanks to their biases against the transgender community during this national water closet debate. Let us pray,” the monseigneur said as he wrapped up his speech and the men enjoyed their dinner served and prepared by the women of the church.


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