Donald Trump’s Proposal For Flint River Water Crisis Will SHOCK You


Presidential hopeful and builder of great things, Donald J. Trump, has proposed a revolutionary idea for fixing the enormous lead contamination problem that has crippled the city and the office of the Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder.


If elected President, Trump says he will force the Brita company to manufacture giant water filters, in the United States no less, that would dam up the Flint River, filtering it.

Trump says he will “solve the problem at it’s source” by installing huge versions of the same water filters currently being used in the homes of Flint residents in the river itself. Trump told NBC’s Chuck “We’ll Have to Leave It There” Todd “Did Hoover say ‘let’s install a bunch of tiny, pathetic little sissy dams on America’s faucets’ of course not! He said, ‘let’s build one goddamn big ass dam!’ and I’m going to build the biggest water filters you’ve ever seen. This water is going to be so pure it will make you puke.”

We tried to contact the Brita company but they laughed at us and hung up when we told him what Trump had proposed.



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