NBA Owners Vote to Approve Ads and Post It Note Reminders On Uniforms

bronbronNBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, announced today that owners had voted in favor of allowing advertising and Post It notes on uniforms for the upcoming season.

The NBA is expanding on the concept of what a uniform can be, taking the longtime European soccer league advertising model and going beyond just ads by adding Post It Note reminders for their referees.

Silver said, “This extra uniform element will allow our referees, who are the best in the business at what they do, make no mistake, no one extends a playoff series when called upon like our refs, to be reminded of who should and should not get special treatment on the court. The last thing we’d want is for a Dwayne Wade or a Carmelo Anthony to get fouled out of a game before the final television viewer ratings are in. We don’t want our fans tuning out because LeBron James fouled out or worse his team lost to a team that doesn’t get the ratings or SportsCenter coverage that the Cavs do.”

UPDATE 4/15 4:37 EST: The NBA is going to court stat geeks and include even more additional information on the players uniforms such as number of outstanding warrants, paternity suits, violent crimes, DUIs, arrests and suspensions.


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