Bernie Courts Black Vote by Marching with MLK, Blowing Jamming Sax Solo on Arsenio


Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has seemingly done everything right to earn the African-American vote from getting arrested while fighting for civil rights in Chicago to marching with Martin Luther King to having an immaculate voting record when it comes to issues important to African-Americans.

However, something isn’t clicking with Bernie and black voters so the Sanders Campaign has reached out to former late night talk show host Arsenio Hall and rebuilt his infamous talk show’s set. The idea is to recreate the night Bill Clinton played a hackneyed version of “Heartbreak Hotel” with Hall’s house band. The moment is considered a watershed moment in television history and the election’s turning point – catapulting Bill to win thanks to a newly earned black vote, a courtship that extends to Hillary Clinton all these years later in 2016.

Following Bill’s recent, bizarre shouting down of Black Lives Matter protestors at a recent rally for the next member of the Clinton family presidential dynasty, his wife Hillary, Bernie’s camp felt it was time to show that he understands issues that are important to African-Americans and all under represented voters for that matter… but also let them know he can blow a mean horn to create some down and dirty funk and some sugar sweet jazz! Because that’s more important than middle class jobs and fair, equal laws for all! Blow, Bernie! Blow!



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