Clinton Campaign Blasts Sanders Campaign for Behaving Like Clinton Campaign


The Hillary Sanders campaign is furiously attacking Bernie Sanders after he interpreted her comments meant to imply that he was unfit to be President as her actually saying he was unfit to be president.

The hubbub originated following an interview with Clinton where she was asked about Bernie’s comments to the New York Daily News. During that interview she hinted that he was unqualified, going out of her way to diplomatically not say those exact words but totally saying it between the lines. Sanders responded to the not so subtle attack and listed a laundry list of reasons he felt she was not qualified to be president. His reasons were limited to her voting history and facts about the former Secretary of State.

So thanks to a technicality that began as an attack on Sanders that Clinton turned into an “unfair” attack on her the Clinton campaign finally had their first point on the “Untruthful Things Bernie Sanders Has Said About Clinton” scoreboard. If you’re scoring at home this makes the score at halftime of this nomination process: Hillary Half Truths, Lies or Smears 47,318 to Bernie Half Truths, Lies or Smears 1.

This, according to the Clinton Camp, puts Sanders right there in the mud with the traditional “lesser of several evils” candidates the media and establishment prefer.  Now the pot is using this opportunity to call the kettle off-white and this is being billed as the nastiest attack in the history of American politics.

Will Bernie turn to the dark side now that he’s had his first taste of bitter election tactics? Will he start taking money from big banks? The NRA? Tobacco? Coal? Oil? Will he support fracking? Will he change his mind about the Iraq war and American imperialism and free trade? Will he embrace free trade with Panama so he can help rich donors skirt tax laws?  Are Bernie Bros real? Are UFOs?

Only time will tell! Let’s hope the media doesn’t pollute the process!


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