If You Aren’t Ordering These Secret McDonald’s Menu Items RIGHT NOW You’re Human Trash


Did you know that many fast food restaurants, even humble McDonald’s, have secret, exclusive items that only those privileged enough to be “in the know” have access to? It is true, there’s a whole other, secret restaurant hidden in many of the places you’ve been going to for years and all you need to know is the secret code words to unlock their bounty at the drive-thru.


The McDouble Bubble – it’s not on the menu but if you order this the cook will know exactly what you mean anyway! It’s a standard, value menu McDouble burger balled up into a convenient spherical shape! Best part? No extra charge and it’s way more aerodynamic than a standard McDouble. Score!


Reduced Calorie McChicken – another McDonald’s value item (awesome) that doesn’t cost anything extra (extra awesome)! This is a standard McChicken sandwich with approximately 24% less calories than the standard issue McChicken. The amount of calories saved depends on the size of server’s mouth and how much he or she can shave off in a single, sanitary bite.


McDonald’s cheese sticks are known as an unholy abomination but you can bless them up a bit (get it?!). Pull up to your local Mickey D’s and ask for Mozzarella Cruicistix and you’ll get this delicious and spiritually nutritious snack. A popular item on Sunday’s in Catholic neighborhoods.

Do you know of any other secret fast food menu items? Share them in the comments!


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