Tesla Who? This Apple Accessory Supplier Just Leaked the Apple Car Design

apple leak

The tech rumor that was too good to be true appears to be. Apple is building a car.

That’s right despite automotive industry naysayers in Detroit, doubters in Silicon Valley and concerns from investors on Wall Street the iPhone maker has built a car and we’ve got the first look thanks to a leaked photo from an accessory maker.

Although we don’t know all the fine details we have this photo from Amazon of an Apple Car Case that was up briefly in the wee hours of the morning before it was caught by someone at Apple and immediately pulled. Here it is:


Just like other Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and the Apple TV remote you’ll want to buy a case for your Apple Car! This one from Belkin was briefly for sale on Amazon and is made of a soft, clear gel so you can show off your Apple device! 

Simple. Elegant. Derivative. Revolutionary.

That was our first impression when we imagined the clean, brushed aluminum lines and subtle four wheeled sophistication of the car that would live inside this protective case. Seating for four, likely expandable up to 6 for a handsome fee.  However, that wasn’t the only leak! We also got a look at the charging cable the car would utilize.


This revolutionary lightning cable will charge the Apple car, it can charge the car in 37 hours, can be plugged upside down or right side up (awesome!) and only costs $30. You can also buy extra cables to charge faster! One cable should last you at least a couple weeks of normal driving before fraying and becoming a deadly fire hazard. 

We imagine Elon Musk over at Tesla is frantically examining these photos and is working overtime to match this offering from Apple. Can GM’s Bolt hold a candle to Jonny Ive’s clean lines and minimalist aesthetic? Honda, Toyota, Ford? The ball is in your court. Let the eCar wars begin!


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