It Gets Worse – Trump’s Decorators Arrive at White House

trumphouseInterior decorators, landscapers and architects who work for presidential candidate Donald Trump arrived at the White House earlier this morning and took a guided tour, snapping hundreds of photos and used precision lasers to get the dimensions of every room they had access to.

Donald has asked the teams to consider the feasibility of melting gold from Fort Knox and gold-plating the exterior of the POTUS’ residence. He also asked them to find the ideal font and location for the “TRUMP” branding he intends on placing on the historic landmark.

Katie Couric asked Trump about the rumors this weekend and he told her, “Look, white is great. I’m white, my wives are white, my voters are white, my cabinet will be white – I’m the candidate who will make America white, I mean great again, so why can’t the house be gold? I don’t think that’s so bad. Who doesn’t like gold? You can never have enough and the reflection will keep these terrorists from being able to fly a plane into the Trump Gold House. It also let’s Europe know we’re just as classy and powerful as ever. If you don’t like the idea of it I promise you you’re going to really, really, really, really, really love it when you see it.”


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